Lunch / Dinner / Take out Menu 

Open-Face Caribbean Seasoned Shrimp $12 

Pulled Pork $12

Market Seasonal Roasted Vegetables $10  
Served on grilled corn tortilla topped with assorted sauces:
Jalapeño Coconut-Lime Sauce, BBQ-Jerk or Creamy Chipotle 

Empanadas: 3 for $10
Organic Beef 
Market vegetables  

Salads / Soups

Seasonal Market Vegetables over Quinoa
with Coconut-Lime Sauce V/GF $12

Harvest Salad with Carrot-Ginger Vinaigrette $10 
Local Organic Greens and Seasonal Root Vegetables

Freedom Soup / Soup Joumou  (served on Sunday) $6/10
(pumpkin, beef and vegetables)

Saleze  (my dad’s favorite salad) $10
Fresh Avocado and Tomato on a Bed of Watercress Topped with Spicy Citrus Chiktay (codfish or herring)

The Power Bowl $6/10
Curried Lentil Soup with Organic Local Vegetables V/GF 

Organic Local Butternut Squash with Vegetables V/GF $6 

Let’s Fly 5 pieces for $5, 12 for $10
Chicken Wings served with Caribbean /Asian sauce, Jalapeño Coconut-Lime, Barbancourt-jerk BBQ or Chipotle Creamy (additional sauces are available) 

Feel-Good Box (Pick your Favs)
Seasonal Market Vegetables in a Coconut-Ginger Sauce over Quinoa
or Authentic Garden Rice (the Timothee’s recipe)
—Broiled Herbed Chicken (Boneless thigh) $12 
—Baked Citrus Salmon $13
—Seasoned Tofu $10

Main Dishes / Dinner

Poisson Gros Sel — mom’s Recipe (weekends only) $20/25
A Spicy Citrus Red Snapper with Sea Salt served with Jasmine Rice 

Louisiana Creole Style Chicken Gumbo Over Jasmine Rice $15 

Sauteed Caribbean Shrimp finished in a Mild Tomato Sauce $18 

Bien Manger $22 
Pan-Seared Seasoned Salmon, finished in the oven
Topped with La Talaye Favorite Green Sauce 
Served with Riz Djondjon (Seasonal Wild Mushrooms) Green Peas or Roasted Herbed Potatoes 

Poulet Roti $16 
1/2 Organic Herbed Chicken, Oven Roasted with Creamy Mushroom Reduction
or BBQ/Jerk

BBQ-Jerk Pulled Pork $16 
(12-hour slow-cooked and finished with a BBQ-Jerk Barbancourt Sauce
Served over Rice and Beans and Picklis  (Spicy Haitian Slaw)

Sweet Baby La Talaye Ribs Platter $16 
Served with mashed potatoes, Summer Slaw (ask for other sides of the day)

Curried Organic Local Goat Stew (weekends only) $24
Served over Rice and Beans 

Authentic Braised Oxtail Over Jasmine Rice $15 

Fritay: Caribbean Sampler (Griot "Fried Pork" /Acra "Vegetable Roots”,
fried plantains and Beef empanadas $15/25

Riz National (Haitian Rice and Beans) $5 
Authentic Garden Rice (the Timothee’s recipe) $5
Roasted Root Vegetables $6 
Summer Slaw
Marinated Chickpeas
(preserved lemon, carrot, mango, curry) $5
Kimchi $5

Caribbean Nights Friday / Saturday 

Bouillon Tet Kabrit $7/12  
(Goat and vegetable soup)

Tchaka (Grandma Rosana’s recipe) $7/10
Dried corn, white beans, butternut squash and spices


Haitian Jus Citron (Lemonade) $3 
Pineapple-Ginger Mint $4 
Pineapple-Hibiscus Ginger and spices

Smoothies: $6 
Korem (Tropical Fruits), Mango Lassi 

Hot Chocolate $3
Cafe Au Lait
Assorted Organic Hudson Valley Harvest Teas

Feel-Good Shots: $3
Energy Booster, Alkalizing Day, Inner Peace

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